Mayflower (ship)

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Mayflower can refer to:

  • Mayflower was the ship that transported the Pilgrims from Plymouth to the New World in 1620.
    • a second ship of the same name that made the voyage several times including as part of the Winthrop Fleet in 1630
    • Mayflower II, a replica of the 17th-century Mayflower, built in Devon, England, during 1955–1956
  • Mayflower of Liberia, which sailed from New York in 1820 to found Liberia
  • Mayflower (yacht), an 1886 America's Cup yacht
  • Mayflower was a paddle steamer carrying passengers between New Orleans and St. Louis, in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • Mayflower, a man o'war of the English navy which sank on the Seven Stones Reef in March 1656
  • Mayflower (tugboat), a steam tug of 1861, preserved at Bristol in the United Kingdom
  • HMCS Mayflower, a World War II corvette of the Royal Canadian Navy
  • USCGC Mayflower, more than one United States Coast Guard ship
  • USLHT Mayflower (1897), a lighthouse tender in the United States Lighthouse Service
  • USS Mayflower, more than one United States Navy ship

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