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Directed by M. Jeevan[1]
Produced by Prakash Raj[2]
Written by Jeevan
Starring Shri
Music by Ilaiyaraaja[3]
Cinematography Jeevan
Edited by J. N. Harsha
Release date
  • 26 October 2012 (2012-10-26)
Language Tamil

Mayilu is a 2012 Tamil-language Indian feature film directed by M. Jeevan and produced by actor Prakash Raj, starring Shri, Shammu and Vidharth.[4] The film was in production since 2008 got released only on 26 October 2012.[5][6][7]


The film revolves around village girl Mayilu who happens to fall in love with Chellapandi. Chellapandi doesn't believe in god. But turns out to be someone whose words were considered as god's one by the village people. Village people considered that the local deity has manifested in him. Mayilu informs Chellapandi that she is pregnant and elopes with Chellapandi. Murugan helps them. City doctor reveals to Murugan that Chellapandi has some psychological issues. Mayilu is married to Chellapandi. Due to his psychological issues Chellapandi gets aggressive when he hear lies. He beats the one who lied to him in his working time severely. Murugan calms him. Without knowing his reaction to lies the same day in house Mayilu reveals to Chellapandi that she lied to him that she was pregnant as she fear of losing him. Later Chellapandi gets treatment. Treated Chellapandi asks for Mayilu, Murugan recalls what happened on the fateful night when Mayilu told the truth to Chellapandi. Fearing the aggressive Chellapandi, the ignorant Mayilu though him as the manifestation of the local deity and hands over the "Aruval" to him and asks the deity to leave Chellapandi for the betterment of their life. And without his own conscious he kills her. The film ends showing him being arrested and leaving in van and watching the people who are going for local deity worship.



  • Nammaloda - Karthik, Tippu
  • Yathe - Sriram Parthasarathy, Bhavatharini
  • Kalyanamam - Tippu, Rita
  • Thukkamenna - Rita, Sriram Parthasarathy
  • Adisokka -Rita
  • Enna Kutham - Ilayaraja, Roshni


Behindwoods wrote "In a nutshell, the film is a sad and tragic one and has wailing sequences in regular intervals."[8] Times of India wrote "Though the movie is didactic in conception, the approach Jeevan employs is such that these ideas merge well with the plot. But the slow pace prevents the movie from being an engrossing watch."[9] Moviecrow stated that film "neither entertains nor engages."[10]


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