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Coordinates: 41°06′40″S 175°07′45″E / 41.111110°S 175.129227°E / -41.111110; 175.129227Coordinates: 41°06′40″S 175°07′45″E / 41.111110°S 175.129227°E / -41.111110; 175.129227
CountryNew Zealand
IslandNorth Island
CityUpper Hutt
 • Total1,152

Maymorn, a rural area of Upper Hutt city in the Wellington region of New Zealand, consists of Rural Hill and Rural Valley Floor zones. The New Zealand census treats Maymorn as part of Te Mārua for statistical purposes. The usual resident 2013 population of the Te Mārua area was 1,152. The area has a tranquil setting and consists of lifestyle blocks and farms surrounded by hills that are usually covered with a dusting of snow in the winter.

Because it is marginally populated, the area is best known for the Maymorn railway station, which is on the Wairarapa railway line between Woodville and Wellington and served by the Wairarapa Connection daily passenger-train.

Maymorn station is near the southern portal of the Rimutaka railway tunnel, which opened in 1955 and replaced the Rimutaka Incline railway-line which ran over the Rimutaka Range. The old route passes within 40 metres over the tunnel's exit.

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