Mayo Simon

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Mayo Simon
Born United States
Occupation Screenwriter, author, playwright
Years active 1963–present
Children 4

Mayo Simon is an American screenwriter, author and playwright.[1][2][3]

He is the father of the author Francesca Simon[4] and biologist-X-Files science advisor Anne Simon.[3]

Select filmography[edit]

Select plays[edit]

  • Happiness - Lincoln Center
  • L.A. Under Siege (1970) - Mark Taper Forrum
  • Elaine's Daughter - Actors Theatre of Louisville
  • The Twilight Romance (2003) - Falcon Theatre
  • Greek Holiday (2003) - Payright's theatre
  • The Old lady's Guide to Survival - Actors Theatre of Louisville
  • These Men (1980) - Bush theatre
  • Walking to Waldheim - Lincoln Center
  • A Rich Full Life (1985) - L.A. Theatre Center
  • Going West (2010) - Shooting Star Theatre


The Audience & the Playwright (2003)


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