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Mayor of Mandaue City
Mandaue Cebu.png
Seal of the City of Mandaue
Jonas Cortes

since 2007
Appointer Elected via popular vote
Term length 3 years
Inaugural holder Ariston Cortes
Formation 1943

The Mayor of Mandaue City (Cebuano: Alkalde sa Mandaue, Filipino: Alkalde ng Mandaue) is the head of the Local government of the city. Since the Pre-Hispanic time were Chiefs, only two are known Aponoan and Lambusan. Not many people are mentioned in the Spanish Expedition chronicles; the former was succeeded by the latter. Before Priests, Capitanes, Tenientes and the Cabeza de Barangay were the local leaders in Spanish regime. Later, in the American commonwealth era of the Philippines the leaders were the President and after the war the title changed to Mayor. Mandaue was only incorporated as a city on June 21, 1969 in the Term of Mayor Demetrio Cortes Sr. which led to the signing of the City Charter on Aug 30 1969 under Republic Act No 5519.

Mandaue's Administration in the Prehispanic time were Chiefs only two are known Aponoan and Lambusan who existed in the Spanish Expedition. Before Priests, Capitanes, Tenientes and the Cabeza de Barangay were the local leaders in Spanish regime then in the American commonwealth era of the Philippines the leaders were the El Presidentes of Mandaue and after the war the changed the title to Mayor in 1943.


Name Position Legacy Years served
Leoncio Jayme [1] 1st Municipal President 1899
Elias Espina [2] 2nd Municipal President The Attack of the American Troops[2] 1900–1901
Benito Ceniza 3rd Municipal President Executed by Americans [2] 1901
Fabiano Suyco 4th Municipal President 1902-1903[3]
Benigno Suyco 5th Municipal President 1904–1907
Luis Espina 6th Municipal President 1908–1909
Benigno Suyco 7th Municipal President 1910–1911
Segunda Jayme 8th Municipal President 1912–1919
Alejandro del Rosal 9th Municipal President Separation of Consolacion[4] 1919–1925
Ariston Cortes Sr.[3] 10th Municipal President 1925–1934
Alejandro del Rosal 11th Municipal President Construction of Mandaue Presidencia and Mandaue City Central School[4] 1934–1940
Alejandro Fortuna 12th Municipal President Killed by Japanese for treason [5] 1941–1943

Alejandro Fortuna was the final leader under the title El Presidente of Mandaue. He was succeeded by Ariston Cortes under the title of Mayor of the Town of Mandaue. He was beheaded due to treason, dated March 26, 1945 at the age of 41 years.


Name Positions Held Years served
Ariston Cortes 1st Municipal Mayor and 1st OIC Mayor 1943
Santiago Suyco 2nd Municipal Mayor and 2nd OIC Mayor 1943
Alejandro Fortuna 3rd Municipal Mayor and 3rd OIC Mayor 1943–1945
Martin Echivarre 4th Municipal Mayor 1945–1946
Eustaquio Rosal 5th Municipal Mayor 1946
Eriberto Dimpas 6th Municipal Mayor 1947
Apolinar Cortes 7th Municipal Mayor 1947
Pedro Basubas 8th Municipal Mayor 1947
Fabiano Pesons 9th Municipal Mayor 1948–1951
Urbano Seno 10th Municipal Mayor 1952–1955
Apolonio Gonzaga 11th Municipal Mayor 1956–1959
Conrado Seno 12th Municipal Mayor 1960–1963
Demetrio Cortes Sr. 13th Municipal Mayor and 1st City Mayor 1964–1986
Vicente De la Cerna 2nd City Mayor and 4th OIC Mayor and Governor of Cebu 1986
Restituto Soon 3rd City Mayor and 5th OIC Mayor 1987
Alfredo Ouano 4th City Mayor and 2nd Vice Mayor of Mandaue City 1988–1998
Thadeo Ouano 5th City Mayor 1998–2007
Amadeo Seno 6th City Mayor, Vice Mayor of Mandaue City and 6th OIC Mayor 2007
Jonas Cortes 7th City Mayor (Incumbent) 2007–Present


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