Mayor of Medway

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Mayor of Medway
Cllr David Wildey

since 17 May 2017
Style The Worshipful
Member of Medway Council
Nominator Medway Councillors
Appointer Medway Councillors
Term length 1 year, renewable
Precursor Cllr Barry Kemp
Inaugural holder Dayantha Liyanage
Formation 1999
Deputy Cllr Gloria Opara
Salary None
Website Official website

The office of Mayor of Medway is the highest position in the unitary area of Medway, in Kent, England.[1] The Office is currently held by Cllr David Wildey, who assumed the post on 17 May 2017.


The Mayor is elected annually from among the councillors and he or she presides over the meetings of the full council, is the first citizen of the district and the official representative of the Crown.

Within the borough of Medway, the Mayor of Medway takes precedence, as determined by the Local Government Act 1972, over all other people except royalty or the Lord Lieutenant of the County (if representing the Queen). So when the Mayor is not presiding at a meeting he or she should sit at the chairman's right hand.

Medway unitary authority was created on 1 April 1998 when the City of Rochester-upon-Medway amalgamated with Gillingham Borough Council and part of Kent County Council to form Medway Council. The Mayor of Medway continues the Rochester City Council tradition of serving as Admiral of the River Medway, with jurisdiction between Hawkwood and Sheerness.

He or she attends a number of Civic functions and public events throughout Medway and is also entitled to wear certain items of Civic regalia and the Medway Coat of Arms.

List of Mayors of Medway[edit]

Date Terms Mayor
1999–2000 1 Dayantha Liyanage
2001–02 1 Tony Goulden, ex-guitarist with pop group Vanity Fare
2002-03 1 Ted Baker
2003-04 1 Susan Haydock
2004-05 1 Ken Webber
2005-06 1 Angela Prodger
2007-08 1 Val Goulden
2008-09 1 David Carr
2009-10 1 David Royle
2010-11 1 David Brake
2011-12 1 Ted Baker
2012-13 1 Vaughan Hewett
2013-14 1 Josie Iles
2014-16 2 Barry Kemp
2016-17 1 Stuart Tranter
2017-18 David Wildey


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