List of mayors of Ottawa

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Mayor of
Flag of Ottawa, Ontario.svg
Jim Watson, MPP.jpg
Jim Watson

since December 1, 2010
Style Mayor
Member of City Council
Reports to City Council
Seat Ottawa
Appointer The People of Ottawa
by convention: based on appointee's ability to garner the highest number of votes from the people of Ottawa.
Term length 4 years/term
Formation 1847
First holder John Scott
Deputy Steve Desroches
Eli El-Chantiry
Salary $168,102[1]

This is a list of the mayors of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Until 1854, Ottawa was known as Bytown. Over the course of Ottawa's history, the borders of the municipality have greatly expanded through annexations. This most recently occurred in 2001 when a number of neighbouring communities were amalgamated with Ottawa, resulting in a new legal entity that took the name of one of its municipal predecessors.


Ottawa, pre-amalgamation (1855–2001)[edit]


When the city of Ottawa amalgamated in 2001, these were the mayors of the municipalities that amalgamated:

Post amalgamation (2001-present)[edit]

Note: Bellemare and Thompson served as acting mayor during O'Brien's leave of absence, due to Criminal Charges before the court.


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