Mayor of Quito

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Mayor of Quito
Flag of Quito.svg
Flag of Quito
Mauricio Rodas Espinel.jpeg
Mauricio Rodas Espinel

since May 14, 2014
Term length 4 years
Formation 1946

The Mayor of Quito is the head of the executive branch of the Metropolitan District of Quito, and is the highest ranking official on the Council of the Metropolitan Municipal District of Quito, which is the chief legislative body of the city and canton. The Council consists of the Mayor and 15 other council members, each of whom is elected to their position by a general election of the people of Quito for a term of four years. Members may be re-elected.

Current Mayor[edit]

The current mayor is Mauricio Rodas, elected in 2014.[1]

Deputy Mayors[edit]

Currently serving under Dr. Barrera are Deputy Mayor Dr. Jorge Albán Gómez, and Second Deputy Mayor María Sol Corral.

History of the office[edit]

In Quito, the first use of the title of mayor, or alcalde in Spanish, was established in 1946. The office has since been held by 21 men with an average term of about 3½ years. Prior to 1946, and dating back to the mid-18th century, the chief executive was known only as President of the Metropolitan Council of Quito.

List of Mayors of Quito[edit]

Name First Year Final Year Notes
Mauricio Esteban Rodas Espinel 2014 2018
Augusto Barrera Guarderas 2009 2014
Andrés Vallejo Arcos 2009 2009 Assumed mayorship when Paco Moncayo resigned to run for congress.
Paco Moncayo Gallegos 2000 2009
Roque Sevilla 1998 2000 Assumed mayorship when Jamil Mahuad became President of Ecuador.
Jamil Mahuad 1992 1998
Rodrigo Paz Delgado 1988 1992
Gustavo Herdoíza 1984 1988
Luis Andrade Nieto 1982 1984
Álvaro Pérez Intriago 1978 1982
Sixto Durán Ballén 1970 1978
Jaime del Castillo Álvarez 1967 1970
Luis Pallares Zaldumbide 1966 1967
Luis Román Pérez 1965 1966
Gonzalo Pérez Bustamante 1963 1965
Jorge Vallarino Donoso 1962 1963
Julio Moreno Espinoza 1959 1962
Carlos Andrade Marín 1955 1959
Rafael León Larrea 1952 1954
José Ricardo Chiriboga Villagómez 1949 1951
Alfonso Pérez Pallares 1948 1949
Jacinto Jijón y Caamaño 1946 1947


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