Mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania

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Mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania
Wally Scott

since January 4, 2016

The Mayor of Reading, Pennsylvania, is the elected, chief executive of the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. Reading city government consists of a mayor and a city council. The Mayor is elected for a four-year term.

Reading mayors served under a city commission form of government prior to 1996. However, the city's mayor have served under a home rule form of government since 1996, beginning with the inauguration of Mayor Paul Angstadt in January of that year.[1]

Partial list of the Mayors of Reading[edit]

Mayor Term Begins Term Ends Political Party
Eugene Shirk[1] 1964 1968 Republican
Victor Yarnell[2] 1968[2] 1972[2] Democratic
Eugene Shirk[1] 1972 1976 Republican
Joseph P. Kuzminski[1] 1976 1980 Democratic
Karen A. Miller[1] 1980 February 1987[3] Democratic
Warren Haggerty[1] February 1987[3] January 1, 1996 Democratic
Paul Angstadt[1] January 1, 1996[4] January 3, 2000[5] Republican
Joseph Eppihimer[1] January 3, 2000[5] January 5, 2004 Democratic
Tom McMahon[1] January 5, 2004 January 2, 2012 Democratic
Vaughn Spencer January 2, 2012 January 4, 2016 Democratic
Wally Scott January 4, 2016 Present Democratic


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