List of mayors of Roxbury, Massachusetts

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The Mayor of Roxbury was the head of the municipal government in Roxbury, Massachusetts. There was no Mayor of Roxbury until 1846 because up to that point Roxbury was still incorporated as a town. When Roxbury was annexed by the City of Boston the position was abolished.

This is a list of Mayors of Roxbury, Massachusetts.

# Mayor Picture Term Party
1st John Jones Clarke 1846 None
2nd Henry A. S. Dearborn Henry A. S. Dearborn.png 1847–1851 None
3rd Samuel Walker 1851–1853 None
4th Linus Bacon Comins Linus B. Comins, Massachusetts Congressman.jpg 1854 American Party
5th James Ritchie 1855–1855 None
6th John Sherburne Sleeper 1856–1858 None
7th Theodore Otis 1859–1860 None
8th William Gaston GovWilliamGaston.jpg 1861–1862 Democratic
9th George Lewis January 5, 1863 – January 5, 1868 None

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