List of mayors of Shreveport, Louisiana

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This is a list of people who have served as mayor of the city of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Mayor From To Party Notes
Angus McNeill 1836 1839 None President of Shreve Town Co.
John Octavius Sewall 1839 1840 Whig First Elected Mayor
William Walton George, M.D. 1840 1840 Democratic
Samuel W. Briggs 1841 1841 None
William Walton George, M.D. 1842 1843 Democratic
John N. Howell 1844 1844 Democratic
Joseph Clinton Beall 1845 1845 Democratic
Lawrence Pike Crain 1846 1847 Democratic
Robert Nathaniel Wood 1847 1847 Whig/Know Nothing Died in Mexico
John Morgan Landrum 1848 1848 Democratic Elected to Congress
Rev. John Bryce 1849 1849 Democratic
Robert W. Cooke 1850 1850 Democratic
Joseph Clinton Beall 1851 1853 Democratic
John Wallace Jones 1854 1857 Democratic
Jonas Robeson 1858 1858 Democratic
John W. Pennall 1859 1859 Democratic Also Mayor of Homer, LA and State Judge in 1861
Jonas Robeson 1860 1861 Democratic
Joseph Clinton Beall 1862 1863 Democratic
John Gooch, Samuel Wells 1864 1865 Democratic Gooch was ousted by the Union and was replaced by Wells.
Alexander Boarman 1866 1867 Republican. Appointed by Union.
Lewis S. Markham 1867 1867 Dem. Served only one month.
Martin Tally 1867 1868 Republican Appointed during reconstruction by Union.
Jerome B. Gilmore 1869 1871 Republican Appointed during reconstruction by Union.
William Rabun Shivers 1871 1871 Dem. Was killed before he was able to serve term.
Moses Hodge Crowell 1871 1872 Republican Appointed by the Union.
Joseph Taylor, M.D. 1872 1873 Dem. Was forbidden to serve by Federal authorities. (Confederate Loyalist)
Samuel Levy, M.A. Walsh 1872 1873 Republican Jointly appointed by Federal government, Levy was the first Jewish Mayor.
Samuel J. Ward 1874 1874 Democratic Sheriff of Caddo Parish in 1869. Born in Wales.
W. Nick Murphy 1875 1878 Republican/Democratic Switched from Republican to Democrat.
Andrew Currie 1878 1889 Democratic Resigned from his position in 1890. Born in Ireland.
Edward B. Herndon 1890 1890 Democratic Elected to fill unfinished term.
Richard Tucker Vinson 1891 1895 Democratic
Reuben Neil McKellar 1896 1900 Democratic Born in Kickapoo in Anderson County, Texas; moved to Shreveport in his early teens
Benjamin Holzman 1900 1902 Democratic Born in Germany.
Andrew C. Querbes, Sr. 1902 1906 Democratic Born in New Orleans.
Ernest Ralph Berstein 1906 1908 Democratic
Samuel Augustus Dickson, M.D. 1908 1910 Democratic
John H. Eastman 1910 1914 Democratic First mayor under city commission government
Samuel Augustus Dickson, M.D. 1914 1916 Democratic
Robert Hodges Ward 1916 1918 Democratic Son of Mayor Samuel J. Ward.
John McWilliams Ford 1918 1922 Democratic
Lee Emmett Thomas 1922 1930 Democratic Louisiana State Representative, 1912–1916
J. G. Palmer 1930 1932 Democratic Louisiana State Judge.
John McWilliams Ford 1932 1932 Democratic
George W. Hardy, Jr. 1932 1934 Democratic Louisiana State Judge.
Samuel S. Caldwell 1934 1946 Democratic
Clyde E. Fant 1946 1954 Democratic
James C. Gardner 1954 1958 Democratic Louisiana State Representative, 1952–1954
Clyde E. Fant 1958 1970 Democratic Longest serving term of any Shreveport Mayor.
L. Calhoun Allen, Jr. 1970 1978 Democratic
William T. Hanna, Jr. 1978 1982 Democratic
John Brennan Hussey 1982 1990 Democratic
Hazel Beard 1990 1994 Republican First female mayor and first Republican mayor since the Reconstruction era
Robert W. "Bo" Williams 1994 1998 Republican
Keith Hightower 1998 2006 Democratic
Cedric B. Glover 2006 2014 Democratic First African-American mayor
Ollie Tyler 2014 incumbent Democratic First African-American female mayor

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Cedric Glover was elected in 2006 over a Republican opponent, Jerry Jones, and reelected in 2010 over another Republican opponent, city council member Bryan Wooley.

Ollie Tyler became the first African-American female mayor in 2014, when she defeated Independent Victoria Provenza and African-American State Representative Patrick C. Williams.

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