Mayor of South Wairarapa

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The Mayor of South Wairarapa is the head of municipal government for South Wairarapa District of New Zealand, which is administered by a district council. The office has existed since the 1989 local government reforms, when the Featherston County, Greytown Borough, Featherston Borough and Martinborough Borough were amalgamated.

The current mayor is Viv Napier.

List of mayors of South Wairarapa[edit]

# Name Term
1 John Garrity [1] 1989–1995
2 John Read [1] 1995–2004
3 Adrienne Staples 2004–2016
4 Viv Napier [2] 2016–present

List of deputy mayors of South Wairarapa[edit]

Name Term Mayor
Max Stevens 1992–1995 Garrity
Mike Gray 1995–2004 Read
Viv Napier 2004–2016 Staples
Brian Jephson 2016–present Napier


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