Mayor of Tirana

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Mayor of Tirana
Kryetari i Bashkisë së Tiranës
Stema e Bashkisë Tiranë.svg
Erion Veliaj

since July 21, 2015
Member of City Council
Residence Tirana City Hall
Term length Four years, renewable once
Formation 1913

The Mayor of Tirana (Albanian: Kryetari i Bashkisë së Tiranës) is the head of the General Assembly in Tirana, Albania. The mayor including with his cabinet, exercises the executive power of the city and is directly elected together with the City Council, directly for 4-year term.

The City Council (Albanian: Këshilli Bashkiak) is made up of 61 members. It exercises the legislative power of Tirana. The City Hall of Tirana is the seat of the council and located at the Skanderbeg Square.

The current Mayor is Erion Veliaj, since 2015.[1]


1913 - 1990[edit]

After the General Assembly of Tirna in 1913, Zyber Hallulli elected as the first mayor of Tirana.[2] He served from 1913 to 1914 as the mayor. Ali Bakiu became the 19th mayor of Tirana. He served after the World War II, from 1945 to 1947. In 1986, Llambi Gegprifti became the mayor of the city, selected twice. First from 1986 to 1987 and 1989 to 1990 (after the fall of communism in Albania).

Mayors of Tirana (1990–present)[edit]

# Portrait Name
Term of office Political party
(political coalition)
Mayors of Tirana (1990–present)
1 Sali Kelmendi
( 1947–2015)
1992 1996 Democratic Party
2 Albert Brojka
1996 2000 Independent
3 Edi Rama exhibiting at Michael Schultz Gallery Berlin in 2015.jpg Edi Rama
2000 2011 Socialist Party
4 EPP Summmit, Brussels; October 2014 (15422482267).jpg Lulzim Basha
2011 2015 Democratic Party
5 TYY8nJA3.jpeg Erion Veliaj
2015 - Socialist Party

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