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PT. Mayora Indah Tbk.
Traded asIDXMYOR
IndustryConsumer products, food industry, beverage
Founded17 February 1977; 41 years ago (1977-02-17)
HeadquartersJakarta, Indonesia
Area served
Key people
Ongkie Tedjasurja (Managing Director)
Gunawan Atmadja (President)
Jogi Hendra Atmadja (The Main Commissioner)
ProductsBiscuits, candies, wafers, chocolate, cereals, coffee, instant noodles
RevenueGreen Arrow Up.svg 18.349 trillion IDR (2016)
Green Arrow Up.svg 1.39 trillion IDR (2016)
Total assetsGreen Arrow Up.svg 12.922 trillion IDR (2016)
Total equityGreen Arrow Up.svg 6.265 trillion IDR (2016)
OwnerPT. Mayora Indah, Tbk
Number of employees
8,584 people (2016)
ParentPT. Mayora Indah, Tbk

PT Mayora Indah Tbk. (IDXMYOR) or Mayora Group (doing business as PT Torabika Eka Semesta (Torabika, a portmanteau of Toraja and Arabika)) and PT Tirta Fresindo Jaya is an Indonesian consumer products company founded on February 17, 1977. The company has been listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (now Indonesia Stock Exchange) since July 4, 1990. Currently, the majority is owned by PT. Unita Branindo, as much as 32.93%.


Mayora Group produces several product lines, namely:

  • Biscuit: Roma Better, Roma Slai Olai, Roma Chess Kress, Roma Coffee Joy, Roma Malkist Crackers, Roma Malkist Abon, Roma Sari Gandum Sandwich, Roma Cream Crackers, Roma Biskuit Kelapa & Roma Marie Susu, Malkist Chocolate
  • Candy: Kopiko, Kis, Plonk, Tamarin & Juizy Milk
  • Wafer: Astor, Beng-Beng, Beng-Beng Max, Roma Zuper Keju (Cal Cheese) & Roma Superstar
  • Chocolate: Choki-Choki & Danisa
  • Cereal: Energen
  • Coffee: Kopi Ayam Merak, Kopiko Brown Coffee, Kopiko Blanca, Kopiko White Mocca, Tora Bika Duo Kopi & Gula, Tora Bika Oke Kopi & Gula, Tora Bika 3 in 1, Tora Bika Jahe Susu, Tora Bika Cappuccino, Tora Bika Moka & Tora Bika Susu Full Cream, Kopiko Black, Kopiko Cappuccino (formerly Kopiccino), Kopiko L.A (low acid), Kopiko Double Cups
  • Pulp: Super Bubur
  • Instant Noodle: Mi Gelas
  • Beverage: Kopiko 78 °C, Vitazone, Teh Pucuk Harum & Q Guava, Kopiko Iced Blanca, Kopiko Iced Black, Kopiko Iced Brown, Le Minerale
A billboard for Kopiko Blanca coffee mix in sachets along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue in Quezon City, Philippines.

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