Mayoral Executive Jet

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Mayoral Executive Jet
IATA ICAO Callsign
Commenced operations 1985
Hubs Malaga Airport
Fleet size 6
Headquarters Malaga, Spain

Mayoral Executive Jet is an airline based in Malaga, Spain. Mayoral is a corporate aviation company, that offers a variety of services including; airtaxi, airplane maintenance and handling, airplane sales, aviation consulting, aircraft management, and ambulance flights. The group pertains to Confecciones Mayoral. Their home base is Malaga Airport.


In 1985, Dominguez Toledo, S.A., was incorporated in order to satisfy Mayoral's (its parent company) necessity to move its salesforce and designers around Europe. Another main reason for this venture was its owner's passion for the world of aviation.

Mayoral Executive Jet, is owned by one of the largest Spanish entrepreneurship groups in the textile industry. This company has an experience of over 20 years in corporate aviation, sanitary flights, air ambulance, private and executive jets and the business world.


The fleet of Mayoral is composed of the following aircraft (February 2008):

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