Mayoralty of Baku

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Mayoralty of Baku
Azerbaijani: Bakı Şəhər İcra Hakimiyyəti
Mayoralty of Baku main façade, 2015.jpg
Alternative names Executive Authority of the Baku City
General information
Architectural style Baroque
Location Baku, Sabail Raion, Istiglaliyyat St. 4
Country Azerbaijan
Construction started 1900
Completed 1904
Cost 400,000 Russian rubles
Owner Azerbaijani government
Design and construction
Architect Józef Gosławski

The mayoralty of Baku houses the executive authority of Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, being the residence of the mayor. It is a Baroque building, built in the beginning of the 20th century.

During Soviet era the building was named Executive Committee of Baku City Laborer Deputies Council (in 1939—1977), then Executive Committee of Baku City National Deputies Council (in 1977—1991). Since 1991 the mayoralty embodies the executive power of Baku.

The building[edit]

The Mayoralty of Baku was originally built as three-floor Baku City Duma and was influenced by layout of Hôtel de Ville. It has a spacious vestibule, wide corridors, marble principal staircase and sophisticated interiors. The second floor houses the state rooms and session hall.

The red decorative bricks and colored marble for the construction were brought from Italy.[1] Having posted a tower in the center of main front and uniting it organically with main part, Józef Gosławski provided brightness and entireness of the composition amid complex details and elements. The central part of the facade bears the seal of Baku, which incorporates three golden torches. The building was Gosławski's last work,[2] he died in the year the building was finished.


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