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1910 Maytag C.jpg

The Maytag-Mason Motor Company of Waterloo, Iowa manufactured Maytag automobiles from 1910 to 1915.[1] The company's founder was Frederick Louis Maytag I, who is better known for his development of the Maytag washing machine company.

Mr. Maytag formed the automobile company by purchasing the Mason Automobile Company of Des Moines, Iowa in 1909.[1] That company, which had been created by Fred Duesenberg, August Duesenberg, and lawyer Edward R. Mason, had been producing an automobile called the Mason.[2] Mr. Maytag renamed it to the Maytag and began producing it in 1910.[1]

Mr. Maytag soon sold his interest in the company, and by 1912 the name had reverted to the Mason Motor Company.[3] The company went bankrupt in 1915 and was totally out of business by 1917. Approximately 1,500 cars were built.[4]


Year Engine HP Wheelbase
1910 Four-cylinder[3] 32/35 114 in (2,896 mm)
1911 two-cylinder 20 96 in (2,438 mm) [3]
1911 four-cylinder 35[3] 114 in (2,896 mm)


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