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Maytag Toy Racer

The Maytag Toy Racer was a small 1-passenger automobile built by the Maytag Company between October 11, 1934 and December 1, 1941 and powered by Maytag Model 92 one-cylinder or, later, two-cylinder air-cooled Multi-Motor engines.[1] Previously in 1932 the Winston Corporation of Joliet Illinois made a toy racer powered by the Maytag Multi-Motor. Many of these were sold to Maytag dealers who raced in small groups to advertise their brand. These Winston racers were sometimes also called Maytag Toy Racers[2][3][4] Early versions of the Maytag Toy Racer used a Model 92 Maytag Multi-motor for power and a cone clutch for power transmission, and later models used a double-purpose hand lever to adjust drive-belt friction and to apply braking action. Maytag Toy racers manufactured beginning in October 1937 used the Model 72, twin cylinder, Maytag Multi-motor.[5]

Records show that 498 Maytag Toy Racers were built, and approximately 25 survivors have been located to date.


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