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Maythil Radhakrishnan

Maythil Radhakrishnan (born 24 July 1944), popularly known as Maythil (Malayalam മേതില്‍ രാധകൃഷ്ണന്‍), born in Pudiyankom (Alathur, Palakkad district of Kerala), is an all-rounder in Malayalam literature,[1] who has written poetry and fiction as well as non-fiction.


Maythil did his graduation in Economics from Kerala University in 1968. For the next eight years, he did research in insect ethology, while working as a freelance journalist. From 1976 to 1984 he worked in Kuwait for a Norwegian shipping firm as EDP Coordinator. For the next three years, he ran his own Computer Aided Design and Drafting Center in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Since 1987, except for a four-year stint as Editor, Youth Express of The New Indian Express (then The Indian Express) group, at Trivandrum and Chennai, Maythil has spent his time mostly in writing; on occasions working as a freelance journalist, quizmaster and a web developer. He writes popular columns in The Sunday Express (Zebra Crossing, now available online as a social network created by the author himself) and in Madhyamam Weekly (Moonnu Vara a.k.a. Three Stripes). Presently he lives in Trivandrum. He is a widower left with a daughter (June) and a son (Julian).


Maythil's first novel, Sooryavamsam, published in 1970, announced the arrival of a major talent in Malayalam literature. Four novels and many stories and poems later, his is still a fresh voice. His oeuvre reflects the whole gamut of unrelated experience—from computers to insects—that he had acquired. Essence of his writing is summed up by Professor K Satchidanandan in the following words:

There are very few in Indian fiction who can compare with this author in artistic innovation, intellectual subtlety and original perception of things and of life. The three novellas here represent all that is newest in Indian fiction.[2]



  • Sooryavamsam (Sun Dynasty), novel, 1970
  • Bra, novel, 1974
  • Chuvanna Vidooshakarute Anchampathi (Fifth Column of the Red Jesters), novel, 1974
  • Hitchkkokkinte Itapetal (Hitchcock's Intervention), novel, 1994
  • Laingikathayekkurichu Oru Upanyasam (An Essay on Sexuality), novel, 1995


  • Penguin, poems, 1973
  • Bhoomiyeyum Maranatheyum Kurichu (Of The Earth and Death), poems, 1991

Short fiction[edit]

  • Naayakammaar Shavapetakangalil (Heroes in Coffins), short stories, 1994
  • Dylan Thomassinte Panth, (The Ball of Dylan Thomas) short stories, 1994
  • Sangeetham Oru Samayakalayaanu (Music Is A Time-art), short stories, 1995

Collected works in English[edit]

  • The Love Song of Alfred Hitchcok, 2004

Non-fiction (Science)[edit]

  • Romam (Hair), Year of publication N/A
  • Daivam, Manushian, Yanthram (God, Man, Machine) Year of publication N/A

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