Mayuko Takata

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Mayuko Takata (高田万由子 Takata Mayuko, born January 5, 1971) is a Japanese actress, best known in the western world for her appearances on the Japanese TV show Iron Chef.

Personal life[edit]

She was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her husband is Japanese violinist Taro Hakase. They currently reside in Tokyo, Japan.

Iron Chef[edit]

Takata was a commentator and judge on the show. She has no culinary training.


  • April 1977 to 1990: Shirayuri Gakuen, a Catholic school for girls in Japan, with an emphasis on English language;
  • April 1987 (likely a component of study abroad program, at Gakuen): Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland (The Swiss Confederation), a very expensive boarding house in Switzerland in which Takata would have been in the company of princesses, heiresses, and the children of very powerful individuals;
  • April 1990 to March 1994: University of Tokyo - BA, focusing on Western History.

Language abilities[edit]

She is fluent in Japanese and English, and conversant in French.

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  • Takata has been involved with the Pink Ribbon Smile Walk (for breast cancer awareness month)

Political Appointment[edit]

Takata was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador to the Nation of France in 2000.

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