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MazaCAM is a CNC programming system[1] for the Mazak CNC (Numerical control) machine-tools (see Yamazaki Mazak Corporation[2]), sold and supported by SolutionWare Corporation.[3]

MazaCAM[4] differs from most other CNC programming systems in that it can generate CNC programs in both Mazatrol[5] and G-code .

  • Mazatrol Editor—Create new Mazatrol programs and modify existing ones, on your computer.
  • Convert between controls—Translate Mazatrol programs from one generation to another
  • Mazak Communications—Send, receive, and translate between different Mazak I/O formats
  • CAD/CAM for Mazatrol and G-code—draw using CAD method, or import CAD files such as DXF, IGES, etc., and output to Mazatrol programs or G-code.


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