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Mazandarani cuisine is diverse from a region to another region of Mazandaran. The cuisine of Coastal regions is different from Mountainous regions as people settled in the Alborz usually use the indigenous herbs and coastal people use the dishes of fish and Caspian (Mazani) rice with vegetables.

However each people have their own beliefs as they know which dish could be used as remedy for an illness. Every year many of scholars come to Mazandaran province to researching about wild herbs and regional dishes.

List of some Mazandarani dishes[edit]

  • Aghouze-Messeama
  • Sir-Enar
  • Dewpetti
  • Ispina-Saek
  • Keahi-Esh
  • Naz-Xatune
  • Ispinej-Mearji
  • Keahi-Heali

Desserts and sweets[edit]

  • Aghouzenoon
  • Peshtizik
  • Piss-Gendela
  • Nesseri
  • Kunak
  • Tunsernun
  • Red sugar (Serkh seker)


Mazanderani people use the traditional drink[which?] after hard labor, particularly during summer and Merdal month of Tabarian Calendar which is known as Narenj Vehar. It is a cold drink which is believed to replenish the drinkers' energy reserves.

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