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The Taliban maintained a prison in Mazari Sharif. Several Guantanamo captives testified that they had been held in a prison in Mazari Sharif.[1] Some of the testified that the Taliban had tortured them at the prison in Mazari Sharif.

Individuals who claimed the Taliban held them at its prison in Mazari Sharif[edit]

Individuals who claimed the Taliban held them at its prison in Mazari Sharif
isn name notes
675 Kamalludin Kasimbekov
  • Held for five months in the prison in Mazari Sharif, for trying to run away from involuntary service with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.[1]
  • Was released from custody on September 16, 2001, in return for agreeing to serve on the front lines in Kunduz.[1]
1002 Abdul Matin
  • Captured in 1995, and held for ransom.
  • He reports being tortured in the prison.
  • He faced the allegation that he had been the warden of the prison, even though he claimed he had seven years of sign-ins that proved he had been a high school science teacher in Pakistan throughout the Taliban's administration.
  • He reported in 2004 that his Taliban torturer was also in Guantanamo, and was accorded more privileges than he was.
  • He reported in 2005 that his Taliban torturer was released years before he was.


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