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Pescherecci 1, Mazara.jpg
Fishing boats along the Mazaro river, in Mazara del Vallo.
Country Italy
Physical characteristics
Main source Rapicaldo, Salemi
River mouth Strait of Sicily, Mazara del Vallo
Length 28 km (17 mi)

The Mazaro (spelt also as Màzaro) is a river in Sicily, Italy.

The Mazaro river flows 28 kilometres (17 mi) across south-western Sicily,[1] from its source in Rapicaldo, located within the Salemi city boundaries, to the Mediterranean Sea in Mazara del Vallo.

"Mad sea" phenomenon[edit]

The river is characterized by a periodical phenomenon locally known as marrobbio (also known in English as "mad sea"), which consist in rapid and dramatic sea level oscillations seemingly caused by sudden atmospheric pressure changes;[2] similar phenomenons were observed only in a very few other places in the world, including Nagasaki Bay in Japan (where the phenomenon is known as abiki) and Ciutadella (in Menorca, Spain, where it is called rissaga).[2]


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Coordinates: 37°39′N 12°35′E / 37.650°N 12.583°E / 37.650; 12.583