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Today, Mazda's kei cars use Suzuki engines, though the originals from the 1960s used a Mazda-designed OHV engine family.


  • .55 L F5B - Suzuki engine, used in the (Suzuki-built) 1989 Mazda Carol


  • .66 L F6A - Suzuki engine, used in the (Suzuki-built) 1995 Mazda Carol


The tiny 660 cc K6A was a Suzuki I3, used in the (Suzuki-built) 1998 Mazda Carol. The turbocharged version produces 63 hp (47 kW) and 106 Nm (78 lb·ft), while the normally aspirated version is rated at 53 hp (40 kW) and 63 Nm (46 lb·ft).

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