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Vinyl record cover
Directed by Ravi Chopra
Produced by B. R. Chopra
Starring Dilip Kumar
Raj Babbar
Nazir Hussain
Music by R. D. Burman
Distributed by B. R. Films
Release date
October 14, 1983
Country India
Language Hindi

Mazdoor (English: Worker) is a 1983 Hindi film. Produced by B. R. Chopra it is directed by his son Ravi Chopra. The film stars Dilip Kumar, Nanda, Nazir Hussain, Raj Babbar, Suresh Oberoi, Rati Agnihotri, Iftekhar, Madan Puri and Johhny Walker. The music of the film is by R. D. Burman


Mr. Sinha (Nazir Hussain) changes everything in order to maximize profits. This brings him into conflict with his employees including Dinanath Saxena. When Dinanath openly confronts Hiralal in a public meeting, Hiralal wants him to tender a written apology, but Dinanath instead resigns and decides to open his very own mill with the help of a struggling Engineer, Ashok Mathur. They do eventually succeed, go into production, hire employees, and soon earn a good reputation. Dinanath gets his daughter, Meena, married to Ashok much to the chagrin of Smita, the daughter of multi-millionaire Kundanlal Batra, who had expected Ashok to marry her. She soon concocts a scheme to bring discord in the Sinha family, and also ensure Ashok's ruin.


  1. "Hum Mehnatkash Is Duniya Se Jab Apna Hissa Maangege" - Mahendra Kapoor
  2. "Pahalaa Pahalaa Pyaar Naa Bhule" - Salma Agha
  3. "Hum Mehnat Kash Is Duniya Se" - Mahendra Kapoor
  4. "Tumhe Bhool Jaane Ka Haq Hai Agar" - Asha Bhosle
  5. "Baat Adhoori Kyu Hai, Hum Tum Itne Paas Hai, Phir Bhi Itni Duri Kyu Hai" - Asha Bhosle
  6. "Naach Uthi" - Asha Bhosle
  7. "Nana Ho Gaya Diwana" - Mahendra Kapoor, Hariharan
  8. "Pet Mein Roti, Tan Par Kapda" - Mahendra Kapoor, Chandrashekhar Gadgil


The English proverb is said to be used in this movie: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

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