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Mazzanti Automobili
FounderLuca Mazzanti
Walter Faralli
Area served

Coordinates: 43°38′43″N 10°35′26″E / 43.6451396°N 10.5904236°E / 43.6451396; 10.5904236 Mazzanti Automobili is an Italian company that produces handcrafted high performance cars. It was founded in 2002 by Luca Mazzanti and Walter Faralli as Faralli & Mazzanti


Mazzanti Automobili was established in 2002 as Faralli & Mazzanti in Gello di Pontedera (PI) by Luca Mazzanti, specializing in design and development of handcrafted supercars, and Walter Faralli, specializing in the restoration of classic cars. The two partners set up a small automobile workshop, which was intended both to restore vehicles and to practice design skills. They developed exotic cars, such as the F&M Antas, which received international visibility.[1][2]

The enterprise was split in two units in 2010: "Mazzanti Automobili" and "Faralli Restauri" when the two partners took independent working life and decided to concentrate on their own inclinations.

The Evantra project[edit]

Front view of Mazzanti Evantra

In 2011 Luca Mazzanti, after three years of work and with the support of the designer Zsolt Tarnok, presented the project Evantra, a mid-engine coupé to be produced in limited, highly customizable units. During 2012, Mazzanti created full-sized models and began construction of the first unit.

The Evantra was archived in the collection of the Museum of Tuscan Design (Mu.De.To).[3][4] The Evantra was presented at the 2013 "Top Marques Monaco Show." It was selected by Sony Computer Entertainment for its driving simulator "Driveclub."[5][6]

The company reorganized to produce five Evantras per year,[7] and used the "Pontedera Circuit" as a research center. However, final tests of Evantras were made in Autodromo di Modena.[8][9]


The company's main markets are Europe, Russia, China and United Arab Emirates.[10][11]


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