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Coordinates: 17°51′34″S 31°02′49″E / 17.85944°S 31.04694°E / -17.85944; 31.04694

Vendors at Mbare

Mbare is a suburb in the south of Harare, Zimbabwe. Founded in 1907 as a township, it includes an informal settlement. Mbare Musika is the largest farm produce market in Zimbabwe.


Squatted area seen from above
Part of Mbare township before Operation Murambatsvina
Evicted area seen from above
The same area after Operation Murambatsvina

Mbare was the first township, now known as a high density area, established in 1907. It was originally called Harari and much of it was constructed after 1950.[1] For Independence Day in 1980 Bob Marley was personally invited by Edgar Tekere, and played a concert in Rufaro Stadium.[2]

In 2001, over 500,000 people were displaced from their Mbare homes when the council demolished 145,000 homes they declared were illegal.[3] Significant portions of Mbare were destroyed by police and military forces during Operation Murambatsvina in May 2005, when President Robert Mugabe described the inhabitants as "people without totems".[4]

Economy and markets[edit]

Vegetables for sale at Mbare Musika

Mbare has Mbare Musika, the largest farm produce market in Zimbabwe. Farmers deliver their fresh crops every morning and some travel from far away places like Mutare, Masvingo and Kariba to sell their produce. This area has fallen into disrepair in recent years.[5][6] When Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, visited Zimbabwe in 1991 as part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, she expressed a desire to see Mbare Musika. The government therefore launched a courtcase to evict squatters she might see on her journey. In "The City of Harare v Tichaona Mudzingwa and 193 others", the High Court stated the government had no reason to evict the squatters, then the government simply forcibly resettled them on a farm 30 kilometres outside Harare.[7]

Notable residents[edit]


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