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Type Armoured Infantry Combat Vehicle
Place of origin South Africa
Production history
Manufacturer Paramount Group
Produced 2010–present
Weight Curb: 16,000 kg
Combat: 27,000 kg
Crew 2+1+8

Armor Ballistic protection: STANAG 4569 level IV (Crew Protection against 14.5 HMG attacks) and mine blast protection: STANAG 4569 Level IV and RPG (10 kg of TNT under hull), anti-tank mine
Engine Cummins ISBe4 Turbo Diesel (336kW (450 hp) and 16000N Turbo Diesel)
Ground clearance 430 mm
700km (435 mi)
Speed 100km/h

The Mbombe is a mine-protected, high-mobility armoured fighting vehicle produced by Paramount Group from South Africa[1] that was launched in 2010. "Mbombe" is named after an African warrior.[2][3]

Vehicle specifications[edit]

The Mbombe's unladen weight is 16 tonnes. Its maximum combat weight is 27 tonnes with a crew of 11. It has 6x6 wheel drive for use on different kinds of terrain. Its maximum speed is 100 km/h; its range is 700 km.[4][5]

The Mbombe has a 300 kW Cummins ISBe4 diesel engine and an Allison 6 speed automatic transmission.[6]


The Mbombe hull meets STANAG 4569 Level 4, which means the vehicle can withstand a 10 kg TNT blast under its hull or any wheel station. As standard, the Mbombe can protect its crew against Rocket-propelled grenades, while additional modules protect against IEDs, up to 50 kg TNT at 5 metres.[7][8]


The Mbombe is armed with a heavy machine gun or an autocannon. The Mbombe can be fitted with day and night vision equipment.[9]


The Mbombe can be configured as an Armoured Personnel Carrier, Combat Vehicle, Command Vehicle or ambulance.[10][11][12]


Map with Mbombe operators in blue

Current operators[edit]


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