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Not to be confused with Mpre language.
Native to Ivory Coast
Region Marabadiassa
Native speakers
200 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mka
Glottolog mbre1244[2]

Mbre, also spelled Bre, Bεrε, Pre, is an endangered language spoken not far from the city of Bouaké, Ivory Coast. It had 200 speakers out of an ethnic population of 700 in the year 2000, in two villages, down from 15 villages some years earlier. Speakers are shifting to the neighboring Manding language Koro, and the language has large numbers of Manding loan words.

Mbre does not appear to belong to any of the traditional branches of the Niger–Congo language family. It was described in an unpublished manuscript by Denis Creissels. Roger Blench suspects it may form its own branch, though perhaps not far from the Kwa languages.

Mbre is not related to Mpre, an extinct and unclassified language of Ghana.


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