Mbuya Dyoko

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Mbuya Dyoko

Mbuya Beulah Dyoko, best known as Mbuya Dyoko (23 November 1944 – 26 May 2013) was a Zimbabwean musician.


Born in Zvimba, best known for the song "Makuwerere", she was the first female mbira musician to record her music commercially in the sixties.[1] In June 2005, while she was touring in the US, as a collateral effect of Operation Restore Order her backyard cottage was destroyed and, pushed by psychological stress, she turned alcoholic.[2] She was later diagnosed with a liver cirrhosis, and, when treated by American specialists, she suffered heavy injuries (including the loss of her teeth)[2] and she died at her St. Mary’s home in Chitungwiza.[1]


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