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Photograph of the McAllister Hotel in 1926 courtesy of the Florida Photographic Collection

The McAllister Hotel was a ten story high-rise hotel in Downtown Miami, Florida. It opened in 1917 and until 1925, was the tallest building in Miami. It was demolished in 1988, and the site is now the home to 50 Biscayne built in 2007 at 554 feet (169 m). The McAllister Hotel is considered one of Miami's first skyscrapers and was a city icon until its demolition. It was designed by Walter De Garmo.[1]


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Preceded by
Ralston Building
Tallest Building in Miami
Succeeded by
Freedom Tower

Coordinates: 25°46′30″N 80°11′17″W / 25.774921°N 80.18804°W / 25.774921; -80.18804