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The McCaughey Prize (or John McCaughey Prize) is an Australian art prize awarded to an artist or artists, under which the National Gallery of Victoria and the Art Gallery of New South Wales acquire work by the winning artist.

The McCaughey Prize (also referred to as the McCaughey Memorial Prize, the McCaughey Art Prize or the McCaughey Art Award) was instituted by Miss Mona McCaughey in 1957, to commemorate her father John, a pastoral industry investor who had died in Sydney on 20 June 1928.[1] It is not related to John Davis McCaughey, former Governor of Victoria.

Two prizes were established, one in Melbourne (administered through the National Gallery of Victoria) and one in Sydney (administered through the Art Gallery of New South Wales). It is awarded periodically, typically every few years. "The acquisitive prize enables the National Gallery of Victoria to acquire works from each of the winning artists to a total value of $30,000".[1]

Recipients of McCaughey Prizes[edit]

  • 1957 (inaugural prize)
  • 1958 John Perceval (John McCaughey Prize, National Gallery of Victoria)[2]
  • 1959 or 1960 Sali Herman (John McCaughey Prize, National Gallery of Victoria)[3]
  • 1966 Ian Fairweather [4]
  • 1975 Geoffrey Proud (John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, National Gallery of Victoria)[5]
  • 1975 John Firth-Smith (McCaughey Memorial Prize, Melbourne)[6]
  • 1981 John Hopkins (John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, National Gallery of Victoria)[7]
  • 1983 Craig Gough (John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, National Gallery of Victoria)[8]
  • 1986 Ann Thomson (John McCaughey Award, Art Gallery of New South Wales)[9]
  • 1991 Paul Boston (John McCaughey Memorial Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales)[10]
  • 1994 Ginger Riley Munduwalawala (John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, Melbourne)[11]
  • 1997 Gordon Bennett[1]
  • 1998 Lorna Fencer Napurrula (John McCaughey Memorial Art Prize, National Gallery of Victoria)[12]
  • 2004 Jan Nelson from Melbourne, Marie Hagerty from Canberra and Paul Wrigley from Brisbane[1]
  • 2008 Gareth Sansom (a prize of $100,000)[13]


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