McCauley Propeller Systems

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McCauley Propeller Systems
FounderEarnest G. McCauley
ProductsAircraft propellers

McCauley Propeller Systems, founded in 1938 by Earnest G. McCauley, is an American manufacturer of composite propellers for homebuilt and ultralight aircraft. The company headquarters was at one time located in Vandalia, Ohio, but is today located in Wichita, Kansas.[1][2]

Originally called McCauley Aviation Corporation in September 1996, it was renamed McCauley Propeller Systems. The company was owned by Cessna, now part of Textron Aviation, which is in turn owned by Textron.[1][2]

The company is noted for having invented the ground-adjustable, solid-steel propeller in 1941 and the forged aluminum propeller in 1946.[2]

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