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Sunnyledge, Pittsburgh, 2016.jpg
Sunnyledge is located in Pittsburgh
Location of Sunnyledge in Pittsburgh
Location 5124 Fifth Avenue (Shadyside), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Coordinates 40°26′51.18″N 79°56′14.57″W / 40.4475500°N 79.9373806°W / 40.4475500; -79.9373806Coordinates: 40°26′51.18″N 79°56′14.57″W / 40.4475500°N 79.9373806°W / 40.4475500; -79.9373806
Built/founded 1886
City designated April 12, 1995[1]
PHLF designated 1974[2]

Sunnyledge (former McClelland House) at 5124 Fifth Avenue in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was built in 1886. It was designed by architects Longfellow & Harlow, and was originally the home and office of Dr. James H. McClelland. McClelland was the founder of nearby Shadyside Hospital, now part of the University of Pittsburgh. Members of the McClelland family remained residents of the home until the 1980s. It is now the Sunnyledge Boutique Hotel and Tea Room. It was added to the List of City of Pittsburgh historic designations on April 12, 1995.[1]


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