McClure Pass

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McClure Pass
DSCN2710 mcclurepass 600.jpg
View north from the summit of McClure Pass towards the Elk Mountains near Marble
Elevation2,673 m (8,770 ft)[1]
Traversed byState Highway 133
LocationGunnison / Pitkin counties, Colorado, U.S.
RangeRocky Mountains
Coordinates39°07′44″N 107°16′59″W / 39.12901°N 107.28298°W / 39.12901; -107.28298
Topo mapUSGS Topozone entry

McClure Pass (el. 2673 m./8769 ft.) is a high mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains of western Colorado in the United States.


The pass is located along the boundary between Pitkin and Gunnison counties, in a gap at the western side of the Elk Mountains south of Redstone. It separates the headwaters of the Crystal River (a tributary of the Roaring Fork River to the north) with the headwaters of the North Fork Gunnison River (south). The pass is traversed by State Highway 133 between Carbondale and Paonia, providing the direct route between the Roaring Fork Valley and the North Fork Valley. The pass is not especially high and is generally open year round, closed only during heavy snowstorms. The approaches are fairly steep on each side, with an 8% grade. The approach is smooth on the south side, as the road overlooks Muddy Creek above Paonia State Park. The approach on the north side has one large switchback overlooking the valley containing the town of Marble, Colorado.


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Coordinates: 39°07′44″N 107°17′02″W / 39.12901°N 107.28398°W / 39.12901; -107.28398