McDermott's Two Hours

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McDermott's Two Hours
Background information
OriginBrighton, England
GenresAlternative rock, Folk-punk
Years active1986–present
MembersNick Burbridge
Ben Paley
Matt Goorney
Tim Cotterell
Dil Davies
Philippe Barnes
Past membersTim O'Leary

McDermott's Two Hours is a folk rock band, formed in Brighton in 1986 from the remnants of two other bands, The Bliffs and The Crack, and featured a vigorous line-up of vocals, fiddles, whistles, bouzouki, acoustic and electric guitars, drums and bass.[1]

Front man Nick Burbridge named the band after Tommy McDermott, who gained notoriety for his two-hour piece on Radio Free Derry, calling for peace and love during the Derry riots.

The band is nominally still made up of Nick Burbridge on guitar and vocals, Ben Paley on fiddle and Matt Goorney on bass with Dil Davies (drums), Philippe Barnes (flutes, whistle and pipes) and Tim Cotterell (banjo, mandolin, bouzouki and fiddle), though live shows in recent years are rare events.

Early years[edit]

The original line-up included Nick Burbridge, Martin Pannett, Marcus Laffan and Tim O'Leary and spent most of the early years playing gigs. They only released one album, The Enemy Within. It was the live performances then for which the band were best known.

With the Levellers[edit]

The Levellers often cite McDermott's Two Hours as one of their early inspirations and during the 2000s the two bands produced three albums together, World Turned Upside Down, Claws and Wings, and Disorder.[2]

After the Levellers[edit]

At Beautiful Days 2007, McDermott's Two Hours released Goodbye to the Madhouse, their first album without The Levellers since The Enemy Within. Produced by Tim Cotterell and Jeremy Cunningham (of the Levellers), the album was recorded for a little over £400 and released by OTF Recordings. It features many guest musicians, including Mandy Murray, Roger Leach, Terry Bickers, John Brewins, Cate Ferris and Mark Fisher. Reviews have been uniformly positive.



  • The Enemy Within (1989)
  • World Turned Upside Down (2000)
  • Claws and Wings (2003)
  • Disorder (2004)
  • Live at Ferneham Hall
  • Goodbye to the Madhouse (2007)


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