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Hospitality & Leisure
FounderRainer Schaller
Number of locations
246 (2017)
Revenue236,5 Mio. Euro (2012)
Number of employees
4000 (2012)

The McFIT GmbH is the largest fitness center chain in Germany and Europe with 246 studios and over 1.4 million members in Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland and Spain.[1] The company's headquarters is in Schlüsselfeld. Directed by founder Rainer Schaller, the company generated about €160 million in total revenue in 2010.

The company's logo is a rolling ribbon with "McFIT" written on it and the slogan "Einfach gut aussehen", which roughly translates to "Simply look good". The company developed a training concept of their own together with sports scientists based on weight and exercise combined with a healthy nutrition.

The chain follows a no-frills policy: Membership costs €19.90 per month. It includes access to every area, as well as the shower fee. Most clubs in Germany, Austria ,Spain and Poland are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Members are allowed to bring their own drinks. Until February 2011, McFit offered a free magazine, but it doesn't offer additional services like a wellness area or courses (e.g. Aerobics).

From 2006 to 2010, McFIT was the main sponsor of the Love Parade, and Rainer Schaller became the sole owner of its organizing company Lopavent GmbH when the original organizers left the company. After a stampede that left 21 people dead and hundreds injured, Schaller announced there would be no more Love Parades.[2]

McFIT also runs McFIT Models, a sports model agency that declares itself as the largest sports model agency of Europe. The successful German fashion designer Michael Michalsky supports the agency as art director.

In 2015 McFIT started planning the establishment of low budget fitness centers, especially for smaller towns. About 30 of these fitness centers with monthly membership costs of less than €10 will open within 2015.

In 2018 McFIT now also has a premium brand called "John Reed".

There are 246 gyms as of 2017 in the following countries:

Country Number of stores
 Germany 168
 Spain 34
 Italy 31
 Austria 10
 Poland 10


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