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McGill Digital Solutions was a multimedia company based in Windsor, Ontario Canada which developed interactive software for digital signage and e-learning based programs and was acquired by Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc. on August 16, 2007.



In 1987, Robert Whent a graduate from the University of Windsor in Engineering and a Governor General’s Award recipient created Slide Grafix Inc. Slide Grafix Inc. was a company which used slide projection technology for boardroom presentations which proved to be highly successful. Although Slide Graphix Inc. was flourishing, Whent had more ambitious goals for his company. Looking for cutting-edge technology, Whent took it upon himself to search for innovative solutions that would satisfy his vision and improve his business. Searching for this new method, Whent came across Phillips and their Compact Disc-interactivity technology which showed great potential. He would later find out that CD-i technology was exactly the method he was looking to use and it would transform his company into an industry leader.


By the early 1990s, the company name had been changed from Slide Grafix Inc. to McGill Multimedia Inc.. Robert Whent watched as his small company grew from a handful of employees to over 50, with offices in Windsor, Toronto, Detroit and Chicago. In 1994, McGill posted revenue of $1.1 million that continued to grow and by 1995 had reached $3.2 million. McGill Multimedia gained notoriety in their field during this highly profitable period and continued to excel winning numerous awards for innovation and excellence. Continuing their successful and innovative ways, McGill was aggressively sought after and purchased in 1998 by the high-tech multibillion-dollar conglomerate the Mosaic Group. Although McGill would officially keep its name and would run as an independent company, Mosaic took control of the business. In four years, the company Whent worked so hard for in the early 1990s had bottomed out. In 2002, Mosaic filed for bankruptcy.[2] The company was offered back to Whent via text message just days before Christmas, and after four months Whent and his new partner Alan Buterbaugh purchased McGill.


McGill Digital Solutions was once again locally owned. During this period of transition McGill would work hard to establish itself as a profitable company, leading by example with their award winning e-learning courses and e-marketing solutions. McGill worked with a number of large clients over the years including Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Xbox and Blackberry. In 2007, McGill Digital Solutions was bought out by a U.S Company called Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc. The Minneapolis-based company has strong roots in digital signage.[1]