McGill Martlets

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McGill Martlets
University McGill University
Association Canadian Interuniversity Sport
Conference Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec
Athletic director Drew Love
Location Montreal, Quebec
Arena McConnell Arena
Mascot Marty the Martlet
Nickname Martlets

The McGill Martlets are the women's athletic teams that represent McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The men's teams are known as the McGill Redmen. The name Martlets is used in reference to the McGill University shield, which includes three martlets which were part of the coat of arms in James McGill’s family. A martlet is a type of heraldic bird similar to the swallow, but has no feet. Since this mythical bird cannot land, it is in a state of perpetual flight, always soaring higher in the pursuit of higher learning. The McGill Martlet Foundation, founded in 1954, is a charitable foundation that support athletics at McGill, mainly through its scholarship program. McGill women’s teams first adopted the nickname "Martlets" in 1976.

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