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iSun Cruising

McGill University's Solar Car Team was composed of students from the faculties of Engineering and Computer Science. In the past, the team has been working on building and perfecting solar powered vehicles for road racing in international competitions. The team learn and exercise teamwork, personal initiative, and responsibility - not only in the engineering disciplines of design and analysis, but also in construction, marketing, project management, and promotion. Team members make an effort to promote engineering and computer science careers in their frequent meetings with elementary school, high school, and CEGEP students.

The Cars[edit]

Team RaPower[edit]

McGill University first generation solar car

Team Northern Sun[edit]

McGill University second generation solar car

Team iSun[edit]

McGill University 3rd Generation Solarcar 2003
iSun at Salon National de l'Environnement 2006

iSun is McGill University's third generation solar car, built in 2003.


Name: G3-iSun-MUST5-logo.png
No. of Passager: 1
Speed: Drove at 109 km/h during NASC, top achievable speed 130 km/h
Weight: 340 lb without driver; 520 lb with the driver.
Battery: 30 kg lithium polymer battery pack from Kokam
Motor: New Generation Motors at 6 hp
Size: 5 m long X 1.8 m wide
Power from Sun: 900 Watts
Max Driving distance at night: Expect 300 km at 40 km/h.
Worth: $600,000 without labour cost
Major cost:

  • Models for top shell, bottom shell and canopy
  • carbon fibre and other composites
  • Batteries
  • printed circuit board
  • autoclave time
  • precision metal fabrication
  • titanium and other metal


  • FSGP (Formula Sun Grand Prix)
  • NASC 2003 (North American Solar Challenge)

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