McGraths Cove, Nova Scotia

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McGrahs Cove, NS located near Peggy`s Cove. McGraths Cove is just off of Route 333

McGraths Cove is a rural fishing community located near Peggy's Cove in the western part of the Halifax Regional Municipality Nova Scotia on Route 333. McGraths Cove is a quiet community on the water, and home to friendly locals always with welcoming faces. At the end of McGrtahs Cove Road, the Atlantic Ocean can be seen as far as the eye can see. A true symbol of Nova Scotia heritage is greatly displayed in this beautiful cove.

Years later the village still remains very much the same, still home to many of the original settlers and also home to new families. As the years have passed new constructions have taken place, with new large modern houses appearing McGraths Cove is becoming a very well developed community. Being near Peggy's Cove, a famous tourist attraction, McGraths Cove often becomes a sightseeing tour for many as they drive through. With picturesque views, and stunning landscapes it truly is a lovely community.

After World War II, the general shopkeeper was Vera Duffy. Vera was well known for being a Chicken Judge and having a duck sanctuary in her yard. Housing hundreds, if not thousands of birds of all varieties it landed her a spot on the TV series "On The Road Again" and having an article published in the early additions of the Chronicle Herald. The Duffy, Scott, Foran and Connors families are all early settlers. With the majority of the residence being the Scott family, the Duffy's and Foran families also still reside in McGraths Cove. The first car to be owned in McGraths Cove was John Whalen.

During the season(s) lobster is one of the main sources of fishing done within the McGraths Cove area. Also fished, mackerel, tuna, catfish (off-shore) etc. On clear nights, cruise ships leaving from the port of Halifax can be seen passing McGraths Cove heading towards the United States (in the direction of Yarmouth).


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Fishing and Sea Life[edit]

  • Lobster
  • Tuna
  • Mackerel
  • Cod
  • Known to be seen in the area- Humpback Whales, Sun Fish etc.

Local Events[edit]

  • Village Green Day (takes place in East Dover)
  • McGraths Cove Raft Up (Armdale Yacht Club-AYC)
  • Raft Up Information- Boats (mainly from AYC) gather in the cove for a weekend of planned events, such as poker runs, a dance (pirate themed) with a DJ. BBQ`s daily and many other events. A great party for the locals of McGraths Cove and also AYC members.