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McIntyre Grove is a sequoia grove in southern California and is part of the Belknap complex along with Wheel Meadow Grove and the smaller, compact Carr Wilson, or Bear Creek Grove.

This grove complex offers beautiful trails through old-growth sequoias along Bear Creek and the Tule River. It is easy to get to by car throughout the year by paved road. The grove is about 2,460 acres (10.0 km2) .There are several trails through this grove, including Forest Trail 31E30 and 31E31. Forest Trail 31E30 goes through the heart of the grove along the river and can be started at Belknap or Quaking Aspen campgrounds. You can stop and fish the Tule River along this trail.

The Patriarch Tree in the main grove area has been described as a monstrous umbrella. It is very short for a sequoia, but has a trunk almost as massive as the General Sherman tree; yet it only ranks as the 40th largest giant sequoia in the world. Two other large sequoias in this complex are the Gutless Goliath and the Near Gutless Tree.

Noteworthy trees[edit]

Some of the trees found in the grove that are worthy of special note are:

  • The Patriarch Tree: The largest tree in the grove with a volume of 30,020 cubic feet (850 m3)
  • Gutless Goliath: Remnants of a once larger tree, but still 26,564 cubic feet (752.2 m3) in volume
  • Near Gutless Tree: Second largest tree in grove with a volume of 26,737 cubic feet (757.1 m3).
  • The Kathryn Tree: Tree with large limbs.

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Coordinates: 36°08′07″N 118°35′05″W / 36.13528°N 118.58472°W / 36.13528; -118.58472