McIvor (surname)

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Gender Unisex
Language(s) English
Language(s) 1. Scottish Gaelic
Word/Name 1. Mac Íomhair
2. MacÌomhair
Meaning 1. "son of Íomhar"
2. "son of Ìomhar"
Other names
Variant(s) MacIvor, Macivor,
See also MacIver

MacIvor, Macivor, and McIvor are surnames in the English language. In some cases the names are Anglicised forms of the Scottish Gaelic Mac Íomhair, which means "son of Íomhar".

People with the surname[edit]


  • Daniel MacIvor, (born 1962), Canadian, actor, playwright, theatre director and film director
  • John Smith MacIvor, (born 1913), Canadian, lawyer and political figure
  • Rod MacIvor, (born 1946), Canadian, photojournalist


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