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McKenna, also MacKenna and Mackenna, is the anglicized form of the Gaelic Irish surname "Mac Cionaoith", also spelt Mac Cionaodha or Mac Cionnaith, meaning "son of Cionnaith" or of the Scottish surname, from Galloway, "MacCionaodha".[1]

The historical lineage of the McKennas lies in Truagh, County Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland, where they were "The Lords Of Truagh" and the McKenna coat of arms can be seen on many of the graves from members of the family.[citation needed]

In North Kerry Mckenna is considered to come from Mac Ginea.[citation needed] The Cionnath, Cionaoith, Cionaddha forms are considered there to be sources of names like Kenny, Kenney and Kennedy.

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