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The McKenzie Lectures are a series of annual public lectures delivered by "a distinguished scholar on the history of the book, scholarly editing, or bibliography and the sociology of texts".[1] The lectures are held in Oxford at the Centre for the Study of the Book (Bodleian Libraries). The series was inaugurated in 1996, in honour of Donald Francis McKenzie (1931–1999),[1] upon his retirement as Professor of Bibliography and Textual Criticism, University of Oxford.[2]


  • 1996 David McKitterick: Printers in the Marketplace
  • 1997 Roger Chartier: Foucault’s Chiasmus. Authorship between Science and Literature
  • 1998 Joseph Viscomi: Blake’s Graphic Imagination. The Technical and Aesthetic Origins of Blake’s Illuminated Books
  • 1999 Lawrence Rainey: The Cultural Economy of Modernism
  • 2000 Harold Love: The intellectual heritage of Donald Francis McKenzie
  • 2001 Patricia Clements and Isobel Grundy: Women’s literary history by electronic means. the creation and communication of meaning in the Orlando Project
  • 2002 Paul Needham: The Discovery and Invention of the Gutenberg Bible
  • 2003 Laurel Brake: 'Daily Calendars of Roguery and Woe’. The Politics of Print in 19th-century Britain
  • 2004 Graham Shaw: In or Out? — South Asia and a Global History of the Book
  • 2005 John Barnard: Keats and Posterity. Manuscript, Print, and Readers
  • 2006 Gary Taylor: The Man Who Made Shakespeare. England’s First Literary Publisher
  • 2007 Robert Darnton: Bohemians Before Bohemianism: Grub Street Libertines in Paris and London 1770–1789 — Keats and Posterity. Manuscript, Print, and Readers
  • 2008 Isabel Hofmeyr [sw]: Gandhi’s Printing Press. Print Cultures in the Indian Ocean
  • 2009 Jerome McGann: Philology in a New Key. Information Technology and the Transmission of Culture
  • 2010 Henry Woudhuysen: A.W. Pollard (1859–1944). Friends and Fine Printing
  • 2011 Paul Eggert: Brought to Book. Book History and the Idea of Literature
  • 2012 John B. Thompson: Merchants of Culture
  • 2013 Xu Bing: The Sort of Artist I Am
  • 2014 William Noel: Bibliography in bits. the study of books in the twenty-first century
  • 2015 Sheldon Pollock: Editing in India. The First 1500 years
  • 2016 Gisèle Sapiro [fr]: Authorship in transnational perspective
  • 2017 Peter Kornicki: Publish and perish in Japan. Why manuscripts continued to circulate in the age of print [3]
  • 2019 Kate Nation: Learning to read: linking biology and culture via cognition [4]

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