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McKids Clothing Store in Hong Kong Shopping Centre Mall

McKids was a chain of clothing stores marketed to children and operated by the McDonald's Corporation through a partnership with Sears.[1][2][3] In July 1987, Sears began selling the McKids line of children's clothing.[1] In December 1988, Sears opened the first 7 free-standing McKids stores.[1][4] In early 1991, all 47 free-standing McKids stores were closed.[5] The McKids line of clothing continued to be sold at Sears stores.[5] In 1997, McKids clothing began to be sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.[6] McDonald's exclusivity agreement with Wal-Mart ended at the end of 2003, and in 2004 the McKids brand was launched internationally, with 15 stores being opened in China.[6][7][8]


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