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The McKnight Foundation is a philanthropic organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the US. The foundation's interests include regional economic and community development, Minnesota's arts and artists, early literacy, youth development, Midwest climate and energy, Mississippi River water quality, neuroscience, international crop research, and community-building in Southeast Asia.

The Foundation was set up by William L. McKnight and Maude L. McKnight in 1953.[1] William McKnight was an early leader of the 3M corporation. The Foundation is privately endowed and has always been independent of the 3M company.

Bolstered by the estates of McKnight and his wife Maude, the foundation's assets grew substantially in the 1980s. In 2014, the foundation assets of approximately $2.2 billion and granted about $88 million.[2] The McKnight Foundation was ranked twenty-second on the Foundation Center's list of the largest private foundations in America.[1]

In April 2013, the foundation announced a new strategy focused on regional climate and energy issues as well as a $25 million grant to two partners working in those areas.[3]

The foundation is chaired by Ted Staryk.


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