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IndustryIndustrial supply
HeadquartersElmhurst, Illinois

McMaster-Carr Supply Company is a private supplier of hardware, tools, raw materials, and maintenance equipment and supplies. McMaster maintains a wide variety of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and utility hardware not usually located from a single source.

The company is based in Elmhurst, Illinois and has distribution branches in Robbinsville, New Jersey; Santa Fe Springs, California; Douglasville, Georgia and Aurora, Ohio.[1][2]


Originally founded as McMaster Davis, McMaster-Carr got its current name in 1901 when Harry and James Channon purchased the company. Harry and James were the sons of Henry Channon the founder of the H. Channon company, a large Chicago distributor of maritime and steam engine supplies. [3]


McMaster-Carr annually releases a large catalog containing the bulk of its product selection.[4] The print edition of the catalog is noted for its limited distribution, sent only to established customers.[5]


McMaster-Carr's website has been used as a positive example of link-rich design and good user interface.[6] The website also includes useful design tips and explanations of material properties as well as a categorical parametric search engine. McMaster Carr withholds manufacturer identification and brand names of most of the products they sell. The site ranked third in a 2002 study performed at Stanford University about trust and credibility, just behind Amazon and Barnes & Noble.[7]

Mobile phone app[edit]

The McMaster app was released in May 2013 for the iPad[8] and March 2014 for Android tablets.


In 2015 McMaster-Carr was recognized by customers, in a survey by B2B business reviewer VendOp, as one of the top B2B vendors in the United States in multiple categories.[9]


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