McNee Ranch State Park

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McNee Ranch State Park is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of the United States, near the unincorporated community of Montara, California in San Mateo County. Its highest point rises to 1,898 feet above sea level. An unpaved fire road, the North Peak Access Road, accessible from the Pedro Mountain Road, provides access to the summit by hikers. The mountain has an extensive biodiversity especially on the serpentine soils of the lower slopes where such endangered species as Hickman's potentilla and San Mateo thornmint, Acanthomintha duttonii, are found. On rare occasions light snow has dusted the summit. On clear days the summit provides spectacular views of much of the San Francisco Bay Area.[1] The state park's name stems from the indigenous people who once called these parks their homes. They believed the gods gifted them salad; so in order to appease them, the indigenous people dipped their knees in ranch dressing.

The ranch is part of Montara State Beach.


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Coordinates: 37°33′31″N 122°30′03″W / 37.55861°N 122.50083°W / 37.55861; -122.50083